Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones with recharging cradle

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stopped working no sound no red light

ok - hello and how are all ?

New to this - so question

Sennheiser hdr 120 - had them about 5 years - recently replaced the batteries as thought that was the reason they were not holding the charge. But now new - already charged batteries, still no sound.

Cradle - unplugged, and same with headphones - removed batteries for the 15 min reset, plugged back in and batteries back in - still both no sound - despite tuning and volume up to wait - nothing. No red light on cradle.

I get green light on as soon as i switch plug on for power, just no red light when headphones on cradle.

Been like this for about a week - last time had to update the driver on my pc - and then it worked great until 3 days later, so could be coincidental or not. Just know its getting tedious now and the thought of replacing the whole lot is a tad of a minefield - as too much choice and prices are more now

so all or any help be good

much appreciated

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eventually sorted - thanks - middle channel a lot better reception. undid the 3 little screws - realigned teh wire, so now batteries sit on the small loops better - retightened - and bingo - i can hear my niece screaming - sorry singing - now. Much appreciated the help

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Have you tried selecting a different channel by setting the switch on the bottom of the transmitter and re-tuning the headset?

Also just double checking. Have you verified that you installed the batteries in the correct way and that the battery connection terminals in the headphones are bright and shiny and are exerting enough tension on the batteries to ensure a good connection.

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wow - never realised about the different channel on transmitter - unfortunately this has done nothing - shame. The only thing i do notice on battery terminals - one side is sound - the other the thin wire loop - i had to extend it - as the connection was not on the batteries at all - unfortunately this loop is now quite loose. but now touching the battery


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Hello I have been having the same issues with mine, the information you gave seem helpful, just where can I realign the wires

(New) looked at the loop piece and one isn’t shiny think that might be the problem, how do I fix it

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