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2.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache. Released February 13, 2013.

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Spilled protein shake on keyboard 2 weeks ago, MacBook shut down

I spilled protein shake on my MBP keyboard 2 weeks ago(quantity: as much as a spoon can hold).

Tried cleaning the liquid between the keys(spacebar) with a tissue. Macbook worked fine for a week and then shut down suddenly.

Doesn't boot up now, can anything be done now to dry/clean up the liquid?

Have had it checked at an Apple store, they said the screen and connector needs to be replaced for 700 AUD$+

and had it checked by an independent repair shop which said the logic board is damaged and can be replaced for 400 AUD$+

I don't know who to believe, can someone please suggest the best repair option?

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Follow this guide and make sure to clean everything except the LCD upper case.

Electronics Water Damage

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hello Teejay, yes seem the logic board not just keyboard failure.. you must change the logic board, so the repair shop is right and cheaper... good luck

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Thanks for your help lapo. Just wanted to add further that the repair shop told me that there has been some damage to the:

1. Main board

2. Keyboard

3. Battery

and they would charge 1200$ to repair all that..would it be better to just get it repaired at the Apple store? This is keeping in mind the Apple Store has stated earlier that this is a Screen/Connector issue.


That's a lot to pay for those three. I would try powering on the MacBook by using the power-on pads. Here's a link to the location on the logic board: Just take metal tweezers or a screwdriver tip and short out the two points to bypass the keyboard and power the board on.

If this turns on the board and the fans start spinning, but you can't get to this point by pressing the power button on the keyboard, then you need a keyboard replacement. There may still be issues with the logic board relating to the display, but for not I wouldn't replace the logic board without seeing if it's a simple keyboard issue.


yes Sam is right is to expensive.. check what he suggest about keyboard.

anyhow on ebay will be best price...


Thanks for your suggestions Sam, Lapo.

I'd just like to add that I am in Australia and all the prices are in Australian Dollars hence the amounts are more than those in the US.

Unfortunately I am a noob and haven't fiddled around with a Laptop's internals ever. I would just like to know what in your opinion would be the better thing to do in this case (apart from trying to repair it myself):

1. Pay premium at an Apple Store (as I can hold them accountable if it's not fixed)

2. Go with an un-authorized repair shop(coz just hardware)

Thanks in Advance.


@l3ps please stop saying that just because a spoonful of a drink was spilled on it, you replace the whole logic board. You sound like Microsoft.


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This answer may seem a little funny, but it's tried and tested on many-a-laptops of people I know.

Remove battery. Remove the back-panel. Use a hair-dryer (yup, that's right) on it for a good 15 minutes.

Use the hair-dryer between the keys on your keyboard.

Keep the parts under a table lamp for a while (I've done this for phones too when any liquid gets in).

Put everything back in place except your battery. Kill the static energy in your laptop by holding the power button down for 20 seconds without attaching the battery. Attach battery and power it on.

I'm not too sure about this as I've never repaired a MacBook but on other laptops, this has worked.

Otherwise, do try to get the spare parts and follow a guide to fix it in. Try to check using a multi-meter if any particular part is still functioning (you can check the current flowing through the circuit boards from the power button starting point to different points on the board).

Hope you get it fixed soon! :)

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@barondante how is the jair druyer getting rid of the debris? you are evaporating some of the liquid and will leave solids that will ultimately create a shortcircuit. You do have to clean the logic board etc. before doing anything else.


Well, if you read above (the question) the user asked as to how to clean/dry up the liquid. I answered to that. Debris has to be cleaned with a soft brush.


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