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cd drive not opening

i want to install some software on my laptop but my drive doesnt seem to open i use win10 64 bit i cant findthe drivers

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Have you checked that the drive is appearing in "This PC" in your Win10 laptop (open File Explorer from the taskbar and select This PC)?

If it is, try right click on the icon and select eject or open etc to see if the tray opens.

If is appears but will not open there should be a paperclip sized hole in the front of the DVD drive. Insert an opened paperclip into the hole and gently push. The tray should open far enough for you to grab hold of it to gently pull it all the way out. If you have to do this there is something wrong with either drive motors or the power to the motors as the power to the DVD drive is there because it appears in the This PC list and the sata interface in the DVD drive needs power to work .

If it doesn't appear in the This PC list, restart your laptop and enter the BIOS area on start up to see if the DVD drive is being detected by the BIOS. If not then there is either a power problem with the DVD or it has become disconnected somehow from the motherboard.

You shouldn't normally have to worry about drivers for DVD drives as Windows automatically supplies them, even if it is generic drivers it should work.

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its not appearing in the bios or this pc but the pc is just a few months old so i have warranty i am going back to the soter where i bought the laptop


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Hi @alfredodolaino,

Normally the drivers for a DVD drive are supplied by the Windows OS, enough for basic operation anyway.

Have you checked it is there in Device Manager? (If Win 10 OS, right click Windows start button, left side of Taskbar and select Device Manager, scroll down in Device Manager to find DVD drive entry.

If it is not listed there have you checked in BIOS to see if the DVD drive is being detected by the BIOS?

If still having problems what is the make and model number of the laptop and what OS is installed if not Win 10?

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you can got to the official MSI website, to support and find the driver for your Laptop or use this link:

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Which driver I should download from that link for cd-rom dvd-rom ?

can't find

Thank you


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