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Samsung NP-R580-JBB2 laptop computer with 500 GB hard drive and 15.6" display released in October 2010.

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Why does my laptop shut off randomly without warning?

The laptop will shut down unexpectedly without warning. All of a sudden it will freeze and then the screen will go black as if I chose to shut it down, even though I didn't. The device also seems to be very hot when it crashes.

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A cause of the laptop shutting off without warning could be due to the laptop overheating. A buildup of dust can cause a computer to overheat. Using a compressed air duster, carefully blow dirt and dust free from the fan and vents. The heat source could also be caused by an accumulation of dust in other areas of the laptop such as the hard drive and RAM. Try dusting these areas with the compressed air duster.

Samsung NP-R580-JBB2 Troubleshooting

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