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Will backlight issue be fixed by replacing the LCD screen?

A friend bought a new iPod to replace one that had issues. I got the old one and am trying to get it back in shape. The LCD backlight will flash on at best and do nothing at worst. Also the headphone jack will randomly pause playback, until headphones are unplugged and plugged back in repeatedly. Could there be another problem causing both issues, or am I looking at replacing the LCD, for the backlght, and headphone jack?

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Looks like you already have your answer -- sounds like two different problems there.

The headphone jack sounds like a classic mechanical problem -- the iPod series will pause playback if they think you have unplugged the headphones. Pocket lint often finds its way into the jack, and you can fix it temporarily by blowing air into the jack, but it will eventually fail. You might open the whole thing up to fix the LCD and see if you can clean it better from inside -- there are no specific guides for it, probably because it seems to be soldered in :/

The backlight is part of the LCD assembly -- it's possible that the problem is with the logic board, but it sounds pretty likely that replacing the LCD will fix your problem.

Imagem de iPod touch (3rd Gen) LCD


iPod touch (3rd Gen) LCD


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i have a backlight that won't go on.

I just got a new replacement LCD screen and moved the battery to one side and connected up the new screen.

no backlight.

It's not the screen but something else hardware wise as bushing suggested.

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I thought that in this case the back light is part of the logic board and not part of the LCD.


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maybe there is a coil on the logicboard?

could be the same problem as ipod nano 4g :(

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