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Released July 24, 2014, Amazon's Fire Phone is Amazon's first smartphone, designed to compete with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

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How kan my Fire phone read my SIM card WITHOUT the tray?

Of kourse; I lost the tray. So, may anyone help or provide any solutions as to how I kould safely (for me And my phone), & sukcessfully, rig/ghettofy my phone into reading the SIM kard WITHOUT the existence of ANY tray. all I've tried is dropping the SIM in and konscientiously-fondling it about. I've been kareful to not damage anything, especially the inner metal (lining the SIM tray slot). 2 Mnths. no money; no lukk. just Me and my intellektually quiescent mentality. there's GOTTA be a cheat-kode.. Somewhere..

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Have you contacted Amazon to get a replacement SIM tray?

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I haven't kontakted them, but every SIM I've kame akross is priced at $25. I don't have that much for something as simple as a SIM tray.... unless; If I wEre to kontakt them (by phone; I believe you're referring to(?)) would the replacement then kome without a fee.., or a great diskount, at least?


is there a reason you spell words incorrectly?


Hi @joshw

Check out the profile of the poster for the answer


the awesome part is there is a hard C in the title of this question.

OP: You need a SIM tray. Your only other option would be to open the phone up and solder your SIM in place. I would not recommend doing that. I would recommend taking 5 minutes to chat with Amazon customer support.

And to spell correctly so that others can better understand you when you are asking for help.


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