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Sony ICFC1T alarm clock/radio is manufactured so that in the event of a power outage, you have the peace of mind that your device will continue working so you never miss an event.

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12:00 AM keeps flickering after battery drained and replaced

My alarm was showing low battery and it went dead for a couple of days. After I have replaced the batteries (tried many of them) it came back to life (radio works fine) but neither the clock or the alarm work. Whenever I plug it into the wall it starts flickering 12:00 AM and doesn't give me the options to set the time. Can anyone please help?

Thank you!

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Try the following and see if it helps.

1. Remove the AC cord from the wall outlet.

2. Remove the battery from the clock/radio.

3. Press and hold the Time Zone button for approximately 15 seconds then release.

4. Connect the AC cord to the wall outlet and turn on.

5. Insert the battery back into the battery compartment. (ensure that the +ve mark on the battery is facing up)

6. Press the Radio button to remove the low battery symbol being displayed.

Hopefully you now can set the time etc.

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Thank you so much for your answer but it didn't work :((((

It's still flickering and I am not able to set the time.


Me too it's still flickering


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