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An Android smartphone identifiable by the model number d2004 or d2005, released in March 2014.

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two way communication problems

If i make a call, i cannot hear my phone making the call, but the call does go through. The person on the other side can hear me, but i cannot hear that person. What is the problem? Please adviseme on my EMail at

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Have you checked the volume level when you are making a call?

Have you tried using the loudspeaker option when making a call?

If these are both OK then perhaps the receiver in the phone is either faulty or has become disconnected from the systemboard.

If you do not wish to use the loudspeaker option try using the earphones with the microphone attachment and if it works OK as well use this until the phone is repaired.

If you still cannot hear after trying all 3 options listed above then there is a problem with the voice reception circuitry in the phone.

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