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Toshiba Satellite C75D Notebook. Part of Toshiba's "budget conscious" C-series of laptops, released in 2013.

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Computer won't turn on

My computer is only a few months ago. Was plugged in so not dead battery but computer will not turn on,

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@grumpymom since it is only a few months old I would really not mess with it. Return it and get a new one. Toshiba is one of the worst brands that keep their service manuals and repairs under extremely tight lock and key. Up to the point of threads of lawsuits agains independent repair shops.

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Where do I obtain Toshiba's address to return my pc? I purchased mine @Sears. They won't touch it either. or, have anything to do with it. My pc is nine months old.

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Hi @standahman ,

Consult the warranty information section in the documentation that came with the computer. It should detail what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If you cannot find the documentation this is from the warranty for the USA.


How to Obtain Repair or Replacement Service For A Product Purchased In The United States?

Depending on your specific product model, Toshiba may offer any one or more of the following

applicable repair or replacement services: (1) Repair-Return Service through Toshiba’s Depot

Service, (2) Carry-In Service to an Authorized Service Provider, (3) Customer Replaceable

(CRU)Parts Service, or (4)Whole Unit Exchange Service. To determine the warranty service method

for your specific model, please visit our web site at warranty.toshiba.com. A limited number of

models may also carry an international limited warranty which offers warranty service outside the

country of original purchase.

You will pay any packaging, shipping charges, insurance, taxes and duties associated with the

transportation of the Product or original CRU to the service center or provider. You are responsible

for appropriately packaging the Product. For any replacement Product/CRU, if Toshiba does not

receive the original Product/CRU from you within ten (10) days after your receipt of the replacement

Product/CRU, you will pay Toshiba the retail value of the replacement Product/CRU.

Here are the contacts you could try.



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