Why is my wifi and Bluetooth signal weak after changing my housing?

I purchased a new iPhone se housing from eBay because mine was damaged. However my wifi only works when directly next to the router. Same with Bluetooth, it has a lot of static and is only clear when I hold my phone directly next to my Bluetooth headphones. I have tried two different wifi antennas now (a new one and the original) and it still doesn't work like before. Please help!

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How much did you pay for the housing? Is it an original part? Does it have all the correct model numbers etc on it?

There are a lot of cheap knock off phone parts on the market.


Pretty cheap, also shipped directly from china. I was unaware that the housing would interfere with the wifi antenna. Do you think the housing is the issue?


Almost definitely.


So I have put everything back into my old iPhone se housing to see if it really was the housing and the problem persists. Any ideas as to why? It's definitely not the wifi flex cable, I have tried multiple ones. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


After disassembly and straightening of bended iphone SE I have poor GPS and Bluetooh. I replaced the housing (cheap compatible) with hope that it will help. However, it has not helped.

I have already discovered that I have lost small bracket beneath left-top screw of the logic board. I tried to use just small metal washer - it has not helped. I have disassembled the phone already several times! Please help.


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Maybe the housing is defective or is poor quality and the antennas in the back of the phone and not reaching the towers.

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I pitched this housing directly from china as the price tag was very low. I guess you get what you pay for. But I didn't think the housing quality would affect the antenna but I could be wrong. To my knowledge only the iPhone 6 has the antenna on the housing is this correct?


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