Cost of screen replacement

What would it cost to replace a broken screen on Asus Zenbook UX301LA?

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I do not know how much the repair would cost, but here is a link to an Asus supplier that gives the cost of the various types of LCD screens available for your model laptop. Scroll down and click on LCD Panel. The part number for your model is to be found on the back of the LCD panel, i.e you have to open it up to find out.

If you Google just the part number of the particular screen you may find other suppliers with better prices.

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Had to replace screen on my ux301la recently. I found replacement screen assembly on eBay for around $160 and I replaced it myself. 15min job. The rear cover has razor sharp edges from inside so be cautious when removing it.

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Would you mind helping me work out how to replace the screen, do i need to detach it from the mainfraim or can it wihout? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hah cut myself too.


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Here you find also the needed parts:


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