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Vertical lines on screen

Hi my Sony LCD Bravia (KDL-32L5000, mfg Oct 2009, with remote RM-YD028) has three vertical, small whitish lines on the left side. A blobish red colored spot towards the upper left hand corner and a whitish line from the upper left towards lower bottom. I haven't really done anything to investigate further, other than a bit of reading. Does anyone know why or how to fix this? I attached a pic if it came through. Thanks very much! Keith (did the following pic come through?:

Block Image

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@keithcanfixit that is definitely a broken panel. The only way to repair that is by replacing the LCD panel. It will almost certainly cost you more trying to find a panel and having it shipped than a new TV. You can try and find the same model TV as yours but with a working LCD and then harvest that one.

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Well, that is disappointing because it is not feasible for me to spend that much now (however, thanks for the answer). Does anyone know what parts this TV has that might be worth removing and selling, since it is not worth it for me to replace the LCD panel? Thanks a bunch! Keith


Anyone of the boards is of value to somebody. The A-Board (video board), T-con board, backlight inverter and the power board might net you around $150 at places like ebay or craigslist.


Thanks a bunch for the response and information!


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