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A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure. These washers have the model numbers MVWB300xxx or MVWX300xxx.

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OL code all the time even with very small and light load

Every time I wash the clothes it fills and then just drains and shuts off with code OL So it means over load but I am a single guy with maybe 1 towel and socks and underware hardly a big load so why is it happening??

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I need the answer, too. I have to put the washer on the cycle “drain and spin.” Only then will I get clothes dry enough to put in the dryer.


I run drain and spin to finish, that seems to work. I ran a cycle empty and that finished fine


It happens to me, too on the Normal cycle, my husband uses the Heavy cycle and it works fine.


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Donald Booth OL stands for “Overload”. The washer thinks the tub is too hard to move because it’s overloaded and the motor is struggling or the unit is way out of balance causing the washer to struggle. The most common problem is a nut below the inner tub that needs to “float”. Floating is when the tub fills up with water to a certain level the inner basket will rise about 1 inch from the center agitator. What this does is disengage the basket from the motor so that the agitator can rotate independently from the basket. If the basket does not float then when it tries to agitate the whole basket will turn back and forth at the same speed as the agitator and this will cause the OL error code. Of course it is also possible that the inner tub may be jammed in the down position, unable to float off the drive hub because of a rusted drive shaft or just some socks (remember that all washers seem to be eating socks etc.;-) or something else, lodged in between the inner and outer baskets causing the same result. We really would need the exact washer model number for further information.

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The OL code really just detects that the drum is difficult to move. It does not always depend on the actual load but can be indicative of a seizing drum bearing, mechanical issue that cause a jamming of the tub on one side of the washer and even a bad motor, can do that. So, whatever makes it difficult to can cause the OL code. It will all depend on the exact model and what each user has already checked. .


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