Can the charging unit be repaired?

I can no longer recharge the unit, any ideas?

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Need your help. Just bought the watch and trying t charge the first time. Connected but no life on the watch, even after an hour.

Any way to find out if the charging cradle is faulty or not?

Please advise.


Get a Garmin! I can’t charge my Neo XS. Only used it 2-3 times within span of 2-3 months and it stopped charging. I get the ding sound when I connect the cable to my pc and to the watch. But no battery or home page indicator on the face. Battery may be dead but for a brand new watch, no way am I sending it back to PAY for a new battery.


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Have you checked that the contacts on the watch and the charging unit are clean and shiny?

Have you tried connecting the charging unit to a different USB port on your PC?

Can you access the watch when you connect it to a PC?

If the answer to all the above is yes then perhaps the problem is not with the charging unit but with the rechargeable battery in the watch. Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.

This is a quote from the manufacturer regarding battery problems and your watch:

Under the vast majority of circumstances, the batteries used in our GPS Watches will provide years of trouble free use, and will not need to be changed. The warranty on the GPS watch will be void if the consumer tries to change the battery. If you feel that your battery is going bad, please contact Bushnell Customer Service at

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thanks. obviously the battery in the watch is bad. i charge it fully then use it for 30 min or less and it says battery is dead.

will contact bushnell and assume they will try to sell me a new watch!


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