If my screen is broken what do I need to buy?

Hello. So, recently I broke my screen on my Moto X Play and I plan to take my phone down to a repair shop but provide them the parts necessary for work.

The screen does not respond to touch and only the upper left hand corner of the screen shows any light I.E. most of the screen is black. Do I need to buy a full screen assembly (LCD screen, glass screen and digitizer) with a bezel or without a bezel?

Another side question I had was what was the difference between all the parts? What does a bezel, digitizer and LCD screen do?

Thanks a bunch.

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I also have the same problem with my Moto G2. The phone turns on, but the screen shows no coloration and it doesn't respond to touch. (Obviously, the glass screens for both of my phones are pretty not at all in good condition).


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