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A portable e-book reader developed by Amazon. Repair is straightforward and requires only prying tools and screwdrivers.

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Why PC can`t recognize my KindlePaperwhite? How can I fix this problm?

Hello everybody, the problem is,

when I connect my Kindle Paperwhite 1st generation to PC by Mini USB cable appears the message "USB device not recognized". It appears with any cable and at any PC. So I think that the problem is the broke Mini USB port. Do you know how to fix this problem or where to buy new port to this model of Kindle? Thanks in advance, guys!

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This info was not included in your original post. Had it been then the diagnosis changes: The micro USB-B port needs to be replaced. MicroUSB ports are designed for failure, thanks to their small size & usual lack of any additional means to secure them to the board (I notice your model does have additional clips that secure it). After a lot of use the insertion force required causes the solder joints to fail or the pins attached to the socket to break. [MiniUSB ports that are slightly larger and have a “T” shape are much more durable.]

MicroUSB-B ports are mounted (soldered) onto the board by precision machines, and not replaceable—however if you are adept at soldering you could get a center mount port & try it. Otherwise the guide for replacing the mother board is here: Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation Repair

That is assuming you can find a MoBo [Motherboard]. These cheap electronics are meant to be disposable so, you could try to replace the port knowing you might make a mistake and end up having to buy a new one. Just make sure you get the right microUSB-B center mount socket (shown in the last picture of the guide).

So to recap in order of easiest/most expensive:

Replace the device

Replace the MoBo

Replace the microUSB-B socket with a possibility of having to replace the device

Again, good luck, and let the community know how it goes. Thanks.

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The fact that it recognizes a device is connected means the port isn’t broken. What it means is that you need to install the driver for the KindleWhite to be recognized OR install an application that works with the Kindlewhite so that the computer knows how to talk to the device.

I do not own any Kindles, but I do recognize that error message. It is a driver issue. I would check on Amazon’s support page for the proper driver/application. Not owning one means I can’t tell you exactly what is needed unless I went and looked. Plus, giving you the answer with a URL wouldn’t teach you how to do this for yourself the next time a new devices isn’t recognized, & practice drills in what you learn. Good luck.

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But, actually, it cannot recognize the device. Appears the message "USB device is not recognized". And when I press the cable stronger into device it works in proper way.


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