My phone will not turn on after a screen replacement

My iphone 6 screen was cracked on the top right corner and non visible cracks on the actual screen. My brother tried to attempt to do a screen replacement but could not because it was just too difficult. So instead he pieced the iphone together and at first it wouldnt close in all the way. After several attempts at this, it finally squeezed in. I tried turning it on but it wont budge. I tried the 30 seconds reset but no answer. I ordered an LCD replacement to see if that will successfully turn my iphone on. I need answers asap.

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When you get the LCD replacement follow this guide to the t

Substituição do conjunto do painel dianteiro do iPhone 6

It's possible other things have been damaged. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. If you have any questions the volunteers here will be more than happy to help you

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The iPhone 6 replacement screens are usually pretty easy to put back on. With what you explained with the problems getting the screen back on maybe you caused damage to the LCD. Try the new screen and see what happens.

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How is it too difficult...? It's only 5 screws total.

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Probably because his friend probably had no idea that the screen assembly has a clip / whatever it's called from the top first then slot it in the phone starting from the top to bottom.

5 screws total?

That is if you have the home button and front camera assembly and LCD metal shield plate pre-installed.

Besides you'd want to keep the original home button which would need to be transferred from the old broken screen to the new one to retain touch ID functionality.


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