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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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Is this machine bricked forever

I bought a lot (about eighteen, 2011 and back iMacs and about a dozen different books from a major Mac ASP last month mainly for parts. Because Apple will not sell them parts anymore or even allow them to use third party parts or even work on legacy machines anymore and they couldn't fix them. So far 1/2 have been repaired by me.

There was a nice A1430 2578 64GB iPad in the lot that’s apparently not locked in the reported stolen way.

Says Hello and appears ready for set up does not require a passcode. But during set up it say it is tied to an Apple account but does not give the name. Says “this iPad is linked to an Apple ID and password that were used to set up this iPad (j……@g… The there is a space for Apple ID and Password. I have not tried to enter anything in those blanks. Do you know if it is locked or just ready for a new user set up? There is no way for me to contact the original owner, what do you advise? I just don’t have much experience with these things except replacing digitizers.

UPDATE 7/16/16

I talked to my seller an ASP. I was told Apple refused service on it because it had been altered. It has a corporate acid etched logo on the back. Apple has just become unreasonable to work with. It's not locked, not stolen just rendered unusable. As much as I don't even like the idea of messing with the EFI chips, I feel very justified.

I really don't want this type of information posted on the iFixit site. So if one of you Pros actually knows the process I would appreciate a personal email. I even plan on donating the machine to a religious organization.

@oldturkey03 @danj @nick @israel @jessabethany

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the macbook pro s can be unlocked easily now a days with the proper tools like eprom programmer if its 2010-2012 newer than that you will need to program it through the diagnostic port or use a reflow machine to remove it and put it back after programming. As far as the iPads are concerned they can be activated from the original iPad to the iPad air 1 and they can be used I will not provide the method as per your request above you can email me if you like.


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Almost. It is not possible to hack the activation lock server side, so the only possible way is to replace chips or rewrite the low level S/N data, which I do not have the details for and could easily cost more than the value of this iPad.

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Thanks Tom. Too bad it's a 64 GB WI-Cellular. Question, if the guy ever snaps to and takes it off his iTunes, will it then work? What would he, or for that matter anyone who wants to legitimately transfer one of these have to do to clear it up? For instance, I want to give my granddaughter one of mine when I upgrade, how do it untie it from my account?


They would have to log into iCloud from and unlink the device to the apple ID account through there. That way you will then be able to activate the iPad without needing to enter the apple ID that would of been tied to that iPad.


Do you think Apple would give me a way to contact the owner if I give them the serial number? I have no idea of its history and the address is given just as I posted it. (j……@g… I'd rather send it back to them for free than use it for any parts. It's to nice a machine. I don't know if was dropped off for repair and never picked up or what.


No, as this is considered violating privacy.

However it is possible to look up the linked Apple ID through their internal support tool or even unlink the ID. You need to have access to the support tool or submit proof of purchase and wait for some time (possibly months) to let them unlink the ID.


@tomchai - what support tool are you referring to? Since I got it from an ASP, would think they would have had that. But I don't know if it was a machine left for repair and never picked up. Maybe I should just take it back to them, but if they know it works they may want it back. I really don't want them to know how many of the machines I got from them that I could repair when they couldn't. Most were fixed by using a heat gun on the GPUs, hard drives and the correct hard drive sensors. They're not really problem solvers, they just replace parts.


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I will not post any sensitive information on the subject but I can tell you it is linked to an Apple iCloud account. iPads do not have EFI chips like computers but the idea is similar they have different architecture so what do you are seeing is a BIOS password so to say for an iPad. the year of the iPad and whether it is possible to do but usually not worth it . I did one a couple of years ago just to see if it was possible but it is not worth the trouble. ( I was able to do it)

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In a basic form without getting into details the cloud lock can be removed with some hardware modification with tricks the activation server into thinking its a different device . I have done it!!! iPads 1-4 iPad air 1 and mini 1-3 . did not work on pro or air 2 but should be coming soon. good night its late!


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