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LG's flagship smartphone, with a unique slide-out battery and detachable I/O module supporting multiple hardware expansion options. Released in April 2016.

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Got wet and says it is not LG battery and shuts down

My LG G5 got wet. I dried it in rice for 4 days then tried to start it but it indicated that it was not an LG battery so it would not start. I got a new LG G5 OEM battery and when it started it worked great for about a minute and then said that it was not an LG battery again and shutdown.

It appears that the phone works fine but then the battery monitor, which I am supposing is causing the problem, kicks in and causes the phone to shutdown. I am looking for someone that has the ability to rewrite the software so that the battery monitor is not allowed to shut the phone down.

Where can I go for this type of help???



Update (07/01/2016)

I failed to add that I sent it off to LG and they said that it was not repairable. It seems unlikely that corrosion could have happened in the short time between getting it wet and when I dried it out. It seems to me that there is a hardware problem with the battery monitor caused by the water. That said do you really think the alcohol might work??

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It's kind of important to know that you had send it to LG. Anyhow, unlikely that they cleaned it or even looked at. LG, or anybody else for that matter, will not bother to fix any water damaged phone. Yes, start with the basics like cleaning your phone. LG will not have done that for you.


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@stratbi instead of "looking for someone that has the ability to rewrite the software" you want to consider to properly clean your water damaged phone. It appears as if you are having component issue and not software issues. Rice is not a fix. It does not do anything but provides a false sense of doing something. It does not prevent corrosion nor will it fix shortened out components. Disassemble your phone and clean it with high grade isopropyl alcohol. Best would be an ultrasonic cleaning.

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