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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Why does my laundry come out warm when I choose cold water

When I use my whirlpool washer model W10775514a set it to wash cold, when the wash is done, I open the door and the wash is Warm. I assumed the rinse cycle would also use cold water. What's happening, or how can I set the machine to rinse with cold water too?

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is the pipe fixed to the cold or hot feed at the back


I have a new candy washing machine only fills on cold no hot option. When my washing is finished it comes out warm and smells like cabbage. What can I do?


I have recently bought a candy washer. A+++ It is cold fill only. When a wash has completed its full cycle/drained, spinned and finished the laundry comes out warm. I've never experienced this before as previous machines have always rinsed out in cold. I'm not sure whether it's the settings on the machine or whether it is indeed faulty. It is plumbed in exactly in the same way as the previous machine so I know there has been no error with connection. Have you found a resolve Tanyamallison12? I'm baffled as to why this is happening! I don't feel like the laundry is clean when comes out warm/hot…could it be because it's eco so uses less of everything?


Hi @dpm63,

What is the model number of the washer?

If the washer only has cold water hose attached to it then the heat must be coming from somewhere.

My guess would be either a heater in the machine (if it has one) or the motor as these would be the only components that can produce heat.

If the washer has a hot water hose connected, turn off the tap that the hose is connected to and check the wash temp.

If it has no hot water connection check the machine's user manual to see if it has a heater and perhaps specifies that it will regulate the temp. of the water

If no heater that only leaves the motor or maybe the cold water temperature itself.


I keep seeing these posts, and the experts swearing that the hoses must be switched, or the ambient temperatures are affecting it.

We have a Maytag washer that absolutely randomly switches between hot and cold.

When starting a load, I have to check to see which it's dispensing, and change the indicator to either hot or cold to correct it.

Two loads today, and one rinsed in hot, one rinsed in cold. This is obviously a switch, sensor, or maybe cpu issue.


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The temperature of the laundry is affected by the temperature outside because that affects the temperature of the cold water entering the washing machine. Therefore washed laundry should feel colder in winter. (When laundry feels colder it also feels wetter but that’s not necessarily the case). In cold spells the rinsing water can be very cold indeed.

This can be caused when the hot and cold fill hoses are connected the wrong way round or when the hoses are connected correctly, but due to a plumbing error the hot tap is actually delivering cold water and the cold tap is delivering hot.

This can be caused by the plumber (or DIY plumber) wrongly identifying the hot and cold water pipes, or incorrectly labelling the taps by fitting the red and blue levers or indicators on the wrong taps.

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Thank you! It is not the water from the pipe, but think it may be the hot weather we've been having.


I have a Duet washer. It washes in hot water only. Someone told me it was the hot Arizona weather. It has been in the 30's here lately. The water is so hot that when I open the door to empty the washer it fogs my glasses. I have switched out the hoses- hot to the cold hookup and vise versa. Still get the same result. The problem is in the machine. But where, and how do we fix it. It is annoying and ruining my clothes. Note, this is the 2nd Duet washer I have owned and I did not have this problem with the other one.


I am having same issue. Clothes feel warm at the end of the cycle. It is January in Georgia, pretty chilly outside so can't blame the air temp. We did just stack our unit but the hoses are connected correctly. What else could it be?


@Jeanne Keeler

What is the make and model number of the washer?

Try turning off the hot water tap (faucet?) that supplies the washer and run a cold wash cycle and then check the temp of the clothes


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My Indesit washer is cold fill only & Always on 30 degrees eco wash , No matter what make washer is I’ve always had same problem in that the clothes shrink. It’s really annoying. I pull the clothes back to shape but they’re always shorter and narrower. I’ve tried drying in the house on a clothes horse. Or on hangers so they’re not in direct heat. I am wondering if it is the heat of the incoming cold water as lately when I’m refilling the dog water bowl the water is not truly cold. Even running the water for a bit isn’t much help. Surely the washer should realise the temperature isn’t low enough?

I‘ve also noticed my shower setting is on cold but it’s still lukewarm. These problems do seem to be weather related. I’m just fed up of the clothes shrinking!

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Hi there...

so I was experiencing the same prob.

I just started using this crap machine....

I noticed my clothes were coming out boiling hot.


2 bras had ruined elastic bands and a pair of sneakers that I have washed for 5 Years... one wash in this machine melted the plastic accents.


I came here and read the comments.

First: I noticed hot and cold seemed reversed.

I turned off the cold water valve.

(I noticed that it still tried to pull hot water from that hose for I guess the soap thing or rinse.

But since I turned it off it is unable to get that hot water.)


Second: maybe obvious or maybe not... I choose the HOT cycle, since hoses are reversed, seemed an obvious option.


Cold water wash. Cold water rinse... bottom line, NO hot water is being forced into machine for whatever reason it was happening in first place or for whatever reason this machine uses hot for what was earlier stated to be used for soap or rinse.



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