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Sudden very dark screen

The images on the screen suddenly went very dark. You could barely see the images, but looking closely could see they were there. I increased the backlight, the brightness and the color adjustments and the picture looks much better. My question is, how long can we expect the TV to continue operating with these greatly increased adjustments?

The television was purchased on March 10, 2010. I realize TV's don't last like they used to, but am hoping this one is good for a while yet. Please advise...


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My TV works fine until it goes dark and the little green light goes from green to blinking red. It can be restarted and in 15 min or so it goes dark again. Model # KDL 46 v5100


You can see the picture but it's always darker


Same problem with my Sony 46 inch. Cheaper to buy new TV than to fix. BUT I will NOT be buying another Sony. Had the darkness problem from day one, and just lived with it, until guests commented how bad the picture was.


I currently have the same problem. I have a Westinghouse dwm40f2g1 non-smart. The picture is dim. I have no experience with this stuff yet. But I took it apart and put it back. The motherboard looked in tact, but I couldn't find a backlight inverter. As soon opened it. I realized the inside was hollow. But that means the only other board is this long one on the bottom but it doesn't look anything like the one online I saw for the inverter. Help


My sony bravia 40inch, suddenly black screen got sound like shut down, while i watching connect screen mirroring, then i turn off then turn on then red light blinking,


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@skwumpin if it works then just enjoy it and do not worry until something happens. This could simply be caused by a bad inverter, a bad power board or a bad main board. For as long as it is not the LCD panel itself, it will be repairable. If you give us the proper model number we might find you some more detailed information.

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Model #KDL4055100. Serial #8246477


I have the same problem need replacement power motherboard


Joseph Martinez same make and model as the the OP inquired about? How do you know it's the power board?


I know it's the power board because I use to televisions in prison so that is how I know


I meant to say repaired tv's in prison sorry about that.


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