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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson.

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Why is my front right Indicator not working,bulb ok

I have a XL1200 Harley Davidson Sportster 2012

It came on yesterday 9/6/2016 as i was turning right,then suddenly went out and on dashboard little green arrow flashing rapid?

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Check the rear bulb as well when one goes the other acts weird so check to see if the rear bulb is bad

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Thanks Jim i will check rear indicator just in case that is the fault.:)


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Sam "little green arrow flashing rapid" is caused by the indicator not working. Make sure that the bulb is indeed okay, I'd replace it anyway. If a new bulb is not working as well, check the wiring going to the indicator. Make sure that it shows continuity.

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Funny enough the indicator decided to work in the rain,touch wood its still working now,but i will check back indicator like you said,thanks oldturkey :)


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