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HP Photosmart printer introduced in 2010. This printer is considered ePrint capable. Has a card reader that supports Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo, MultiMediaCard (MMC), MMC Plus, Secure MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital (SD), SDHC. An adapter is required for MMC Mobile, Secure Digital Mini, and MicroSD cards. This printer uses a 4 color semi permanent printhead.

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Why does nothing appear on the paper when I print?

The printer has new ink cartridges, everything moves as it should but when I ask it to print, the paper comes out blank.

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Hi, Where are you trying to print from, a PC or the printer control panel? If from a PC have you tried a copy or scan function using the printer control panel to see if it prints correctly? What have you tried to do to fix the problem?

Have you inserted the new cartridge(s) properly? Here is a link which shows you how to do this, so that you can verify that you have done it correctly.


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You may have either a clogged print-head, or your cartridges may be exhausted.

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to take the printer apart follow this link


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