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Released in August 2014, the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch is part of the Lenovo's Y series of laptops. Equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a 15.6" touch screen, the Y50-70 Touch is specialized for gaming.

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Why is my scream flashing?

After upgrading to Windows 10 my pc started flashing so I downgraded to Windows 8.1 but I'm still flashing. I went to the geek squad to check for a virus and they said there was none. When I got home it started flashing again. Is something wrong with the GPU or my screen?

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Hi, Try connecting an external monitor and check its' display. If it flashes too try starting the laptop in 'safe mode' to see if it still flashes?


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Does the screen flash in any particular position ? Is it when its in the tablet mode , or tented ? Does it flicker when you wiggle it, will it work properly when you dont touch it? I have had to replace the LCD cable on this model it tends to crack in the hing from the extra flexing when set up as a tablet. If the screen does not flicker with an external monitor attached as jeyeff mentioned its probable the cable. If it still flickers you may want to reinstall drivers . If you get no joy there you may be looking at the GPU starting to fail

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