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A 5", 3 pound personal random orbit sander made by Porter Cable and released in 2010

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Why is my sander scaring the surface of the my object?

I recently tried sanding down the paint on my car however instead of sanding the surface it is leaving heavy scratching and scaring. Should I be worried or should I continue to sand?

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Use finer grit (higher number) paper. For this type of job I'd start out with 240, and pass on to 600 and finally 1200, which when used wet will give a finish smooth enough to apply the first coat of primer.

Coarse paper, such as 60 or 80, is OK for wood but doesn't make much sense when used on metal.

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If the problem is not the sandpaper itself it might be a faulty dust seal/ break. This component not only keeps dust out of the motor but regulates the speed of orbit. One easy way to tell if this is the problem is by listening to the sander when it is off of a surface. If it seems to get louder than usual when off of a surface it may be time to change the dust seal/ break. This is a simple replacement and the steps to do so can be found here Porter-Cable 382 Dust Seal | Dust Break Replacement .

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