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The DeWalt DW920 is a 7.2 volt cordless screwdriver.

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Why is my drill not charging?

When i place the battery pack on the charging station, the battery not charge.

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Hi @cmackinnon, you may take one of a few solutions to fixing your problem. First check to see if your battery is fully locking into the charger, if it is then you may have a dead battery. Check to see if your back-up battery is charging by placing it on the charger. If the back up battery is not working you most likely have a broken charger. Check out the DeWalt DW920 Troubleshooting page here if you have anymore questions.

DeWalt DW920 Troubleshooting

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A reminder about this type of charger for this power driver; don't leave the spare battery roasting in the charger. Design of this charger happen to have excessive trickle charge to keep battery topped up is crude. I ended up with GOOD 7 years old battery like new and one equally 7 year old spare battery roasted giving noticeably poor capacity. The habit was like this:, Best battery was one I charging up while I use roasted battery pack in the power driver then foolishly swapped battery packs again right away leaving the roasted battery stew in the charging cradle while I use good battery for couple or three days.

Once finished charged up, just take battery pack out of charging cradle. You'll end up with two good battery packs for years.

Cheers, Jason

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