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Released in August 2014, the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch is part of the Lenovo's Y series of laptops. Equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a 15.6" touch screen, the Y50-70 Touch is specialized for gaming.

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Where can I buy the ethernet jack?


You know, with Lenovo y50-70 touchscreen laptop, u have a ethernet port that is connectable by "clicking into" the ethernet port? (The ethernet port at first may seem too small for the ethernet jacks but you can connect it by pressing down on the bottom leg of the opening and inserting the ethernet jack.) It seems that my ethernet port leg that is supported by a spring is broken and i need to find a replacement port.

Do you guys know where I can buy one? Because I know I can buy the replacement part for less than $10 at some ebay-ish online store.

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This part can be easily replaced. It's fastened with two screws that are accessible after the bottom panel is removed from the laptop.

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If you're willing to desolder and solder a new connector on, go for it. iFixit doesn't offer that specific part, but some other marketplaces may have them.

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