This PC is a Dell Inspiron 3000 Series laptop with an AMD processor and a non-touch display. It's model number is 3541.

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Why are several keys on my keyboard not working?

When using the laptop I cannot type using all of the keys, as some of them are not responding when pressed.

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Was there any water damage to the keyboard or did this spontaneously happen?


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Hi Edward,

This could be due to any sort of damage, but most likely if you dropped or accidentally spilt something on it, you could need a new keyboard altogether. Let me know if this is not the case, but if it is, please refer to our Keyboard Repair Guide located on the device page.

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Good morning Edward,

You will likely need to replace the keyboard. In general that's not a difficult job at all. There is not a repair guide on here so this link should help.

Good Luck


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Three keys close to each other (o, l, and period) quit working on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop which I have only had for two months over a year (no more warranty, of course). I gently pried the keyboard off using the indentations at the top, then wiped the area of the three keys that weren't working with an electronic wipe. After it dried I put the keyboard back on, making sure that the tape-like parts were snapped in with the correct side up. After that it worked fine, better than what the Dell tech person had me do (turn off, remove battery for a while), which only helped for a few minutes. No sooner was I off the phone with her when the problem returned.

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