Battery draining fast 2 weeks after dropping in ocean

Hi everyone,

As a lot of people do, I dropped my precious phone (iPhone 6) in water a few weeks ago. Not just any water either, salt water. I took all of the steps to dry it out: put it in rice and let it sit for three days. I also tried vacuuming some of the ports. Overall, things have been great. There have been a few minor glitches I was able to "fix" and the down volume button no longer works, but everything else was perfect.

Before this all happened, my battery could last up to two days when I barely used it. When I began using it after the incident it drained quickly but after a few days it went back to somewhat normal. I was able to go through a whole day, if not more without charging it. Two weeks later and it drains in 8 hours again. I don't know what triggered it but at first it seemed the issue was resolving itself but now it has gone back to having issues.

I never did clean out the back of it but I can imagine bringing it to Apple would be an arm and a leg. Does anyone else have an explanation why it would be working fine one minute and all of a sudden the battery draining fast the next? And does anyone have suggestions to fix this issue without disassembling the whole phone?



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I'm very surprised that it went back to working as well. Especially salt water. Never heard of using distilled water. I would clean the logic board with 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol and a q tip and replace the battery. I'll post a guide, if you feel like doing it yourself. Otherwise you could take it to an independent shop and see if they'll be willing to do it for you. I would expect $70-$90

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Water damage, especially salt water is the worst, I'm surprised your handset is still working at all.

When sea water comes in contact with electronic circuitry that hasn't been designed to work in that environment, it will begin to corrode the protective seal that these circuits have before working to corrode the electrical connections. This can result in faulty equipment, equipment that produces incorrect readings and equipment that can short out.

If this happens again always flush the phone with clean (preferably distilled) water.

Your phone will eventually cease functioning, I would advise making sure you keep backups of your sensitive data etc and either take it to apple for a replacement or a reputable repair company to see if they can help.

Yes Apple will charge you around £200 to replace your handset as you have damaged it.

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Thank you for your help. Nothing has become worse since the incident, it just got better and now it's back to how it was. It has been about three weeks. How long do you think until it will stop working? Do you think getting the back cleaned out would be worth it, cost and hassle wise? Or should I just buy a new phone upon the ending of this one? The rapidly declining battery is frustrating.


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SALT WATER!!!!! i am also surprised its working at all now and will most likely just give up the ghost at some stage in the near future.

As @squarerepairuk said. If this happens again always flush the phone with clean (preferably distilled) water.

i really would not take it to be cleaned, that ships sailed IMHO. it would not be wise money to throw at it. best advice and most feasible is an out of warranty replacement.

i did a couple of toilet water damage repairs this week . You should be able to see them on my page if you wanted an idea of whats involved.

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oh and probably best to get it backed up to your PC/Laptop/mac ASAP just incase.


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