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Why is my wifi not working?


Recently replaced the screen and digitizer in iphone 5. When I got the phone the screen and digitizer where pretty broke up. phone started working and I upgraded to latest software.. I didn't see if the wifi was working before upgrading.

Anyway I used a sim to start phone up and it all worked fine but when I went to setting the wifi "button" stays grey and won't allow me to slide it to on. I have tried every thing to reset it that was mentioned on internet. Wiped it clean and reloaded again. And recently replaced the wifi component.

Still not working. just opened phone again to make sure wifi component is connecting to motherboard. it is.

any help would be appreciated. not sure its hardware. maybe the software update did something? I tried going backwards to last update but it was to late.

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When wifi is greyed out in settings it most always points to wifi chip on the logic board. Sorry man that's a bummer.


unfortunately this maybe be the answer :(

still interested in any other options to try though

iPhone 5 wifi greyed out even after wifi antenna replaced


Thanks Mason. Don't think I am up to learning to solder those time things..and I don't think its worth it to buy a motherboard. Will just keep an eye out for someone selling a broken one for parts.




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Have you tried a network settings reset? I would try this before diving super deep into repairs and troubleshooting.

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