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MacBook Pro video driver problem

I have a MacBook Pro 17 inch model a1229 been using it for two years and suddenly went black it start but the scren comes up black sometimes on but sometimes off now it has gone of completely can i have a replacement board and how much it cost

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Sounds like your graphics card is dying. Mine was one of many which did that (I believe the Nvidia GeForce 8600 model was particularly prone to failure. I was still under the 1-year warranty, but also have AppleCare. I hope you do too, as this requires a replacement of the entire mother board. Apple fixed mine and had it back within a few days.

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Unfortunately my warranty did expire in september so don't have one where can I get a new mother board I feel like been robbed as if they knew that those computer have problem they wouldn't sell them


Mwanga in the link Apple said that they change for free for 3 years.....your pc doesn't have 3 years...

and not mine :)

I'll go to apple asap

(my post was here - same problem - video crash after few second)

Tks Ray


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I had the same problem. Just contact Apple.

It can be replaced for free, even it's out of warranty.

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