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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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My hard drive has stopped functioning, have I lost everything?

I can't get to any of my data on my hard drive. Have I lost everything on my hard drive?

Aditional information from another question:

Just before my computer took a vacation, I was getting messages that my hard drive was full even though I had over 16 gig of available space on my hard drive. Now when I boot up the computer, I get to the grey apple screen, with the little whirling circle (grey not colored) comes up and stays on forever. I have tried to boot up with an installation disk but the disk doesn't boot it up,it just tries to install a new operating system, but when it gets to the destination screen it stays there and doesn't proceed with the process any further it just stays at the screen. I can't access anything on the HD. Help!!!

Ps. Try to make one question per problem, Ron Lewis. Not several...

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Add more information about how your HDD crashed and I'll update my answer accordingly.


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It depends.

If the filesystem was corrupted you can salvage something.

If it broke mechanically it's harder. If you had family photos or other important things on it there are companies that can salvage it for you. Even if it's broken mechanically. It can be expensive, but if you have all your family photos etc. on it, maybe it's worth it.

But if your machine don't start the boot DVD there is something more wrong. That should start up even if your drive have failed.

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I advise getting a new computer [or borrowing someone else's] and a USB to USB cable, plugging in the cable from computer-to-computer. That way you can see if the contents of the hard drive are still there. If they are, it's probably a connection problem. If nothing shows up, the hard drive has gone bad and is unusable.

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