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Sit-on-top lawn mower. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission.

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mower starts but will not engage in forward or reverse

My mower will not go forward or in reverse when moving the levers forward or backward. No symptons could be detected prior to the issue. I was mowing and starting to go in reverse and it would not go. At that time it would not go forward either.

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broken drive belt


how do you replace it.


i had a broken belt spring at the back of my Z-726X that controls going forward and backwards. Easy fix.


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I would replace the drive belt. Instructions will be in your manual. I attached an image of the instructions and the belt routing. The manual is available online at little bit of an odd site, but it works :-)

Block Image

Good Luck

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Checked belt, it's not broken, what else can it be


May Thigpen same mower? Same model? Same problem? what does it do? What have you checked?


my wife found a spring under the back of the mower when this happened to us. connection?


I am having the same problem the bottom pulley in the back does not turn the upper seems to turn, there was a ringing noise right before it started to act up. JH


Jesse Hubbart same mower same setup? What upper and lower pulley? The ones on the drive?


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I have the same problem, under seat i not sure where the tensioner spring hooks to? The frame to pully or some where else. Plz

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