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The Garmin Nuvi 1490T is an ultra thin, lane-assisting, Bluetooth GPS navigator that was announced in 2009.

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Why is my GPS not charging?

When i plug my GPS to a charger the GPS does not start to charge. I have tried different chargers and still same result. What should i do to fix this?

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You need to replace the charging port on the GPS, this will require some soldering skills.


Yeah right.. Go and replace the charging port on the circling the earth GPS satellite instead.


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The most likely cause of this problem is that the battery has been drained or has gone bad with time. For more information pertaining to this problem check out our troubleshooting page link below.

Garmin Nuvi 1490T Troubleshooting

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Just so, but maybe also good to bear in mind that many, if not all recent Garmins need a Garmin cable to charge. How does it know a generic from one of its own? Garmin added a 17.3k resistor between pin 4 and ground (5) Reference:

Relax, it seems from this reference and others, that the unusual resistor value is not critical; 18k - 22k reported as working fine, but the resistor must be present. That's how Garmin knows it own! -and now that you know, a generic cable can often be given such a resistor to make it acceptable to the Garmin device.

-Or you could just pay top dollar for the Garmin part and not repair anything.

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Yeah, its like a proprietary charging port that looks like a regular charging port tricking you into buying a new GPS thinking that the GPS might be bad since it won’t charge…

Money or profits is the root of all companies that do these stupid tricks, like IBM, Compaq, HP, DELL, etc. and it all fails for them, nobody wants to be held hostage by these companies making proprietary items..

For me there should be one charging port style as they all do the same thing.

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I bought a cable from Garmin and it still won’t charge.


were I can by a battery for garmin

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