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The VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect is a great device for kids, featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera and 128 MB of internal storage.

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Device shutting off immediatley after turning on?

Only a few moments after turning on my VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect it automatically shuts itself off again. How can I go about fixing this problem?

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First try looking in the battery cartridge to make sure there's no dirt or debris preventing a good connection, if there is use a Q-tip to remove the debris. Next, try replacing the batteries in your VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect with new ones.

For more information check out this link for troubleshooting tips Troubleshooting Page

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This answer is for those who are searching for a solution like I was. This happened to me and it turns out it was a corrupt SD card. I took the card out and replaced it with a new one, and now it works fine.

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Thankyou for adding this! I was at a loss and about to contact support, but it was the SD card. Cheers for that!


No worries at all. Glad I could help someone!


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