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The Black and Decker Air Station is a 160 psi air compressor that is designed to inflate a range of household items.

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Air station quit working

I a ired up one tire then hooked my air station to another tire but the air station would not come on.I checked all I could check but it still would not come on.What can I do?Did the ac dc switch suddenly go bad?

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My air station will not blow up my tires. It blows air when not attached to the tire. HELP


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I just got me one of these at goodwill for $40 and I wish I had my money back! Your Air Station stopped working because the fuse blew just like mine did only the second time I used it. And guess what? I had to take it apart to get to the small fuse inside and this is a pain in the ass because you have to cut out the old fuse and solder in a new one.

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There's always a reason why a fuse blows, so don't be ssurprised if it happens again very soon.

Fuses blow because excess current is flowing through them due to a problem in the circuit that they're there to protect e.g. short circuit turns in the motor winding or a component that has changed value for whatever reason.

What is the model number of the device?


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