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Lenovo business laptop introduced in April 2011. The X220 replaces the ThinkPad X201. The X220 has since been replaced by the X230. Main improvements are : 1366x768 IPS screen available, 2nd generation Intel Core CPUs, new Trackpoint, new Ultrabase, SATA III

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Why does my audi have a hissing noise?

When I am playing something from my speakers I hear a hissing noise. I hear the hissing noise even when I am using headphones to listen to audio. How do I fix this?

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Hi, What OS is installed in your laptop, Win 7, 8.1, 10?


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A way to solve this issue is open your ‘Control Panel’ and go to ‘Hardware and sound’ make sure that your laptop speakers are the primary playback device. This resets your settings. Also there could be multiple background programs running, and they might be interfering with frequencies, so try disabling Bluetooth

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