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The main speker the sound is very low

When the call d main speker sound very low is the speker broken ?

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Hi, Have you got a cover on the phone which may be muffling the sound?


I dont have cover is the earpices i thick the call


I try the app engineering mtk and still very low the sound


Hi, Silly question. have you tried adjusting the Volume + when you are on a call?

Are you talking about the loudspeaker or the receiver? Have you tried using the headphones with the microphone attachment to see if the sound level is OK?


I try all that and still very very low the volume


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you have one of a couple things going on......

1. check the speaker grill and see if there is anything blocking the speaker, aka dirt, lint, etc, etc

2. open the phone and check the speaker it self, if it looks damaged or is falling apart replace it.

3. possible software or mother\logic board issue, you can test this by ordering a replacement speaker and replacing it. if the issue still priests after replacing the speaker, you may have a larger issue like a software or mother\logic board.

if you live or use the phone in high humidity area it is very possible that your speaker is bad we see it all the time.

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Coffee spilled over the face of the phone and I notice the speaker volume for music, speaker phone, and voice mails etc are very low. How do I fix it?

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