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An educational children's toy created by VTech for ages 2-5 years old. The VTech Little Apps Tablet model number is 80-139400.

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Why is my screen so dim?

The screen is too hard to see in low light conditions and makes the tablet almost impossible to use. Is there anyway to change this?

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The VTech Little Apps Tablet comes with an option to toggle through the LED back light colors which should assist in low light viewing. The most simple solution to this problem would be to change the back light color. Referring to the troubleshooting page will assist you with doing this. If the LED's won't turn on or change colors when you toggle the settings, they may be broken, in which case the solution is also found on the troubleshooting page.

If changing the LED back light settings doesn't completely fix the problem, adjusting the brightness settings may help.

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