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An external optical drive by Apple, essentially a rebranding of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.

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Smoothie spilled on the drive, will it be a write off?

Had an unfortunate accident of a smoothie exploding in my bag with all of my power cables and super drive, the cables are okay as I was able to clean them properly, but the SuperDrive was sitting in the smoothie at the bottom of my bag for a while and appears to have a fair amount inside. I realise this is a huge error in my ways, very very dull morning moment of putting a liquid anywhere near my stuff, but I would appreciate any input, I realise it's probably a write off but I would like to know if there was any chance of rescuing anything from it.

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You will probably have to open it up to clean it up at all. You could always try. You will have to clean it out with 90% or > Alcohol. That should clean it up, just try to avoid brushing or rubbing the actually CD reader/writer part since it is really sensitive.

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