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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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Display lid opens to easily after putting it back together.

After replacing the inverter board and putting the computer back together, the lid opens too easily now.

The two hocks go perfectly into the base part when closing the computer. But the display easily opens, I don't even need to press the button. It seems that the pull (tension) of the Display lid is stronger than before i took it apart and put it back together.

Have I missed something, when I was mounting the screen back in? Do i have to twist the springs on both ends or so? What causes that tension in the screen.

I think its normal to have a bit tension, so that the screen jumps open as soon you press the button, but in my case it's just too strong.

any help appreciated.


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There's magnets in the front edge of the bottom case that "pull" the hooks down and into locking postion. Did you move/remove them?


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