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touch screen unresponsive to touch

i got my friend's iphone 6, which had its screen broken and the frame kind of bend. and its home button was missing. for a long time it was in the drawer, because of error 53. Today, when i finally put ios 921, it restored completely.

After i put everything back, screen seems to work fine, for a while, then suddenly the touch is gone. I rebooted the phone, adjust the lcd connector, sometime the touch will come back, some time it will not. but even if touch comes back, it goes away within a short time.

If i leave it alone for a while, the touch will come back. but will be gone again.

Any help will be great!

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i tried with other screen, but same problem. so, its not the screen. once, when the touch was working, i was scrolling and all of a sudden, it just stop working. would it be something heating inside the phone? the frame was bend, so could some part of the motherboard touching or not touching the frame, which cause the problem??


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Replace the screen. The screen was probably severely damaged when it was dropped and the circuitry inside may be cracked or shorted somewhere.

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