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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Touch Screen Not Working After Back Glass Replacement

I recently replaced the back cover and glass on my LG Nexus 4. It turns on but the screen doesn't sense touch. If I take the back cover off, it works just fine, and if I put the cover on while its already booted, it works just fine. What's the deal? Help?!

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Ok, I've narrowed it down the the two bottom screws that hold the back cover on. When they are removed, everything goes fine. But still... Whats the deal?


Hi, Either the back cover, with the screws in, is compressing something which may be either making it touch something else or it is pushing it loose. An example would be of a connector plug pushed into its' socket then something coming next to it pushing the board so the socket moves away while the plug stays. Also if there is a metal strip or something similar (I don't know, you can see) on the inside of the back cover it may be shorting something out.


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Turns out the screws on the bottoms holding the back cover on, were just too tight. Loosened them, and problem solved.

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