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This device is the AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

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Why did my shredder suddenly stop shredding my papers?

I was shredding a lot of papers and then mid-shred, the shredder turned off and stopped working. What did I do wrong?

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My shredder, model VS1008CD, will not start unless I jiggle the paper and then it only runs for a couple of seconds?? I have been using a bit lately and I allowed it to stand idle for a couple of days and then the problem arose. Reverse is fine.


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It is possible that you unit has overheated. If you have been shredding papers for a long period of time or have been inserting large amounts of paper then your device may have overheated. Turn off your device and let it cool down for 30 minutes before attempting to use it again. If this does not solve the issue then please refer to our troubleshooting page .

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Mine will not shred but will work in reverse. It was bought from Amazon Oct. 28, 2018 and stopped working March 1 2020. Why? Is there a warranty on it? Thank u. Margarita Zapanta I can be reached at


Same here. My shredder will work in reverse but not detect when i insert paper. Opened the thingy and looked into a few tests. the optical photodetector shows 2V when I block the the IR emitter and 0V when it is open. This kind of looks like plausible behavior. I then checked the next part of the chain - i.e. the mini power relay ( It appears that when i block the IR, the resistance of the driving coil goes down so it should switch; but it actually doesn't. 2 options: relay broken or not enough voltage to trigger the relay: i measure 2 V while the datasheet mentioned 3V to 5V in which case the power supply of the photo detector could be faulty? Any thoughts?


Have you solved it? I'm at the same point. Relay broken or the control voltage is to low. Here the relay sum on every switching. Have also 2V when the photo diode is open and 6V when the shredder is running. I can trigger him to run by knocking on the relay softly.


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Perhaps he just went out of order. At the moment, with so much information, I can only say this. By the way, it is still possible that the reason is that the teeth are simply dull. In general, finding a quality shredder is quite difficult and I spent a lot of time finding a reliable and quality shredder. And I was able to do this only thanks to the site with reviews for different models. There is a lot of detailed information about different shredders and you can definitely find something suitable for you!

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Where can I find the diagram of the parts on line hard to find


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