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How do I get my camera to take pictures front loading

when I open the camera it will only take pictures in reverse. I cannot figure out how to take a picture of someone standing in front of me.

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You don't say the model number of your tablet. A lot of tablets only have one camera which is usually facing the user, (used for when you "Skype', video call or take selfies - like an inbuilt webcam on a laptop). You should be able to locate it by turning on the camera app and then seeing where it is, by looking at the angle of the picture of yourself. Once you have found what the lens looks like if your tablet has two cameras there should be a similar lens to be seen on the back (non screen side) of the tablet.

If you cannot find it, unfortunately your tablet has only the one camera (check your User Guide to be sure) and the only way to take pictures of what is in front of you is to turn the tablet around and hope that you get the correct picture 'in the frame',

If you do have a second camera there should be an option in the camera app settings to select the front or rear camera.

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I cant take a front loading pics only back camera works

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What is the make and model number of your tablet?


Galaxy 7 Samsung phone


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Make my camera take front loading pictures

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