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iPhone 1G front panel kit

change iPhone 1G front panel kit

I need that part, and I can't find it on iFixit. It used to be there 3 days ago. Can you help me with the link on iFixit?


Are the 1st gen digitizers the same as the 3G digitizers?

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the digitizer for the 1st generation iphone is connected directly to the lcd screen as well. so its like a combo screen. its not compatible with 2g or 3g because it has different connectors

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These are all the parts that are available for purchase for the 1st generation iPhone.

As Alex mentioned, the 3G digitizer is not compatible with the 1st generation. Further complicating things, the opening procedure for the phone is very difficult, so you should definitely read through the guide before attempting to replace the display assembly.

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if the link is gone, it means they run out. its gone mate...

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i need a front panel for a i phone 1g and a repair kit fot it to

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