My mini will only blow cold air.. I have replaced the thermostat.

I have replaced the thermostat twice. Fluid levels are normal. Had heater core checked good.. I still only get cold air.. please help

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After running the engine to get it to operating temperature (leave the engine running but be careful) and with the heater control (on the dashboard) set to hot (with the heater fan going) do the 'in' and 'out' heater hoses going from the engine bay to the heater in the cabin feel hot? Is one hose noticeably hotter than the other? If so the coolant (heater) control valve may be faulty or however it is operated (mechanical control -older cars, electronic control - newer cars) may be at fault. Coolant (hot) needs to be flowing thru the heater core so that the heater fan can blow air thru it. The amount of coolant allowed thru helps set the temp on modern climate control systems (in conjunction with the air- con).


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