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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a rugged version of the Galaxy S4. Currently, it is only on AT&T's 4G LTE network.

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internal memory runs out

internal Memory of my Samsung Galaxy S4 runs out. What data can I delete without harm?

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Delete without harm? If you are rooted, any of the junk that the carrier put on. Anything Samsung/Android related will need to stay on your phone.

Why even do that? Get a Micro SD card for super cheap to add more storage to your phone. It has a micro sd card slot under the rear plastic case and above the battery location.

Or, backup all your unneeded music/videos/pictures to your computer and delete them from your phone.

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apps like 360 security lite can clean up old unused files and large files that are unused The app uses 5mb of space I will guarantee it will find more and clean up more space than it will ever take and like jake says use an sd card for pictures contacts and music


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Just transfer every app you possibly can from device storage to external SD. Then make sure all newly added apps are stored to the SD.

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