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iPhone 6 warranty replacement

I've got an iPhone 6 with warranty until July (UK based, btw)

it has a bend in the frame which is causing the screen to lift and you can see the backlight when the phone is turned on.

Has anybody had any luck getting these replaced with warranty recently because I have heard they are rejecting them claiming it's the users fault if they bend as it's inflicted damage?

any info would be great


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as long as you dont have any 3rd party parts on it, they should accept it under warranty. Apple is well aware of how bad the iPhone 6 frame is.. Considering they have made the 6s much stronger.

I had a customer with the same problem and had a warranty.. Instead of taking his money to fix it. which i easily could have.. i directed him to the local apple shop. 2 weeks later he came back to let me know that apple replaced his phone

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I would go in an make a story of how it just happened. They should honor the warranty but they can always claim it to be your fault.

I'm not sure if they verify a warranty request with your Apple ID or something. Might want to make it look like your device before walking in.

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