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The iRobot Roomba 655 Pet Series vacuum manufactured in 2012. Costco exclusive.

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Why is the battery light flashing on my roomba?

The battery light and the clean light are flashing the battery light is amber color and the clean light is green but they are both flashing and it does not appear to be charging.

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ajfaith1012, by your description it sounds like a problem with the battery charging. Either your battery is bad, the charger is bad, or the charging circuit inside your Roomba has failed. You could start with a new battery and after that try an external charger for Roomba batteries.

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Does it take batteries Even though it's charging on outlet


Where's the batteries located on irumba


OK can't find it


Elena Chreene what model is your Roomba?


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After trying the standard and much covered Power Reset buttons press (see I still had an orange, flashing (slowly) battery icon. I did the reset three times and left it to charge overnight. Still no luck, so I unscrewed the bottom plate (how you access the battery) and installed an old but still working battery. My Roomba 655 then ran for 12 minutes, which is the length of the charge that battery holds. I have a replacement battery in there now and it WORKS!

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